Read Any Good Books Lately?

Michelle Coussens, Plan B Consulting, asked the members of 40 LinkedIn groups, including the Northwestern University Alumni group, as well as other direct email contacts to recommend what we consider to be the most important or “must read” business books. She was then kind enough to compile everyone’s responses into an alphabetical listing.

Michelle’s request and follow-up exemplify the type of give & take that make social media a powerful business tool. Through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs we should be building networks that are both wide and deep. By engaging a whole group of like-minded individuals in a conversation and then feeding back the results in a useful format, Michelle made a large number of contacts (widened her network). Now, she can start to “dig in” and get to know many of us more personally (deepening the relationships).

I did not know Michelle prior to her request on LinkedIn. Her willingness to ask a good question and then openly share the answers earned my trust. So much so, that I volunteered to post the list on my site and link back to her web site. In the words of networking guru Ivan Misner, “Givers gain.”

Click here for the list of 295 “must read” business books.


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