Did You Know…?

Did you know that the average adult attention span is at an all time low of about 7 minutes?

Between rapidly shrinking attention spans and ever-expanding workloads, it’s getting more difficult by the hour to ensure employee knowledge and skills are kept current with field and market demands.

Write Influence knows how to make each minute of learning count so that employees aren’t counting the minutes until the learning is over. We design interactive, engaging, timely training experiences that equip employees to excel at their jobs.

 A recent client reported that account managers who participated in a negotiations program developed by Write Influence increased their revenue by 9% while salespeople who had not taken the course showed a -1% change in revenue over the same time period.

 By working with our clients to ensure employees actually use what they learn to positively affect business results, we help transform training into a valuable asset.

 If your current training programs are putting people to sleep and not proving their worth, it’s time to contact Write Influence. We build learning with a lasting impact. 

Hello! My name is Nicole De Falco. Our company is Write Influence.

Training DevelopmentWe specialize in highly interactive learner-centered training targeted to close performance gaps and contribute to better business results.

Recent projects include:

  • Customizing and facilitating an Influence without Authority program for a group of senior project managers of one of the larger petroleum companies.
  • Designing and developing a full suite of custom sales training programs for a multi-billion dollar technology products distributor.
  • Designing and facilitating a Team Branding program for a strategic marketing team within a major international pharmaceutical company.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Teaching people with low authority and high responsibility the interpersonal, political, and marketing skills needed to thrive and succeed as leaders in cross-functional environments
  • Building indispensable teams within organizations
  • Improving sales results by developing and implementing custom methodologies and learning experiences
  • Helping organizations adopt a culture that fosters more efficient/productive meetings


  • Figuring out the real causes for performance gaps
  • Designing engaging effective learning experiences
  • Baking into each learning experience cutting-edge methods for ensuring that employees apply what is learned toward the achievement of business goals
  • Facilitating fun, challenging, energetic,learner-centered training programs

My Background: Twenty years in the field of performance improvement including senior leadership positions in corporate training, human resource consulting, and financial services. Notable roles include the Vice President of Technology & Training for an international sales consulting firm and the Manager of Instructional Design for Moore Corporation (now RR Donnelley). Growing Write influence into a trusted learning and business writing resource for companies across the US and Canada has been a labor of love and crowning accomplishment in my career.

Education: B.S. from Northwestern University.  MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Next Steps

Now that you know all of this, here are some suggested next steps:

  • For more information about training or marketing development solutions email: nicole@writeinfluence.com (please, no spam)
  • Subscribe to this blog using the links at the top of this page
  • Share this blog or information about Write Influence with others who can benefit from getting to know us!

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